Patient Preparation Precautions

What you need to do or not do before going to the Laboratory?

1- Lipids: Fast for 10 - 14 hours.

2- Sedimentation Rate: Fast 6-8 hours (preferable).

3- Fasting blood sugar: Fast for 6-8 hours.

4- Post Prandial Blood Sugar: Take your medication (if any) then finish your mealin 10 minutes. Abstain from eating and drinking (except water) for 2 hours from start of the meal. Please arrive at the lab 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

5- Glucose curve: After fasting for 12 hours come to the lab in the morning forthe fasting sample . The patient drinks glucose solution (1.75 g/kg max.75 or 100 g for pregnant females).Blood samples are collected after 1,2 and 3 hours. Smoking is prohibited all through the duration of testing.

6- Urine for Pregnancy: First morning urine is preferable, without fluid intake. If result is Negative, a pregnancy blood test (BHCG) is suggested since it is more sensitive.

7- Urine Culture: Refrain from antibiotics for at least 48 hours before doing the test. Wash handsand genitals well with warm water & soap. Disinfect urine outlet with Dettol or any antiseptic. Rinse well the disinfectant with water only. Pass the first droops of the urine sample into the toilet bowl then place the restin the sterilized cup provided. Urine sample should be delivered to the lab within 2 hours maximum.

8- 24 hr Urine collection: Immediately upon waking up in the morning urinate in the toilet bowl and record the time through to the next day, collect each drop of urine till the same time you started collecting (24 hours). Keep urine refrigerated during sample collection.

9- Three consecutive days Urine collection for TB: Collect first morning urine for 3 consecutive days.Each sample separatelyshould be kept in the fridge till the third day or sent to the lab could after each collection.

10- Throat swab: Refrain from antibiotics for 48 hours..Do not use any antiseptic gargles before sample collection by 8 hours.

11- Sputum Culture: Before breakfast rinse mouth several times with water and provide the first sputum. ina sterile clean and dry cup. Sputum must be delivered to the lab within 1 hour. Saliva samples are not accepted. Inhalation of steam from hot water in the morning facilitates providing the sample.

12- Sputum for TB: Collect 3 sputum samples ( as above )for 3 consecutive days.Samples could be kept in the fridge till the 3rd day or sent to the lab after each collection.

13- Semen Analysis: Total abstinence from intercourse or masturbation for 2-7 consecutive days. Sample is better given in the lab, make sure that all semen especially the first dropsareplaced in the specified cup.Keep the sample away from water or soap. Deliver the sample to the lab within 20 minutes.

14- ProstateMassage: Refrain from antibiotics for at least 48 hours before testing and from intercourse or masturbation are 3-5 days. This test is done by appointment.

15- Urethral smear: Refrain from antibiotics for 48 hrs.Do not urinate for one hour beforethe test. This test is done by appointment.

16- Vaginal, Cervical and PAP smear: stop antibiotics for at least 48 hours before testing. Refrain from intercourse for 2 days. Refrain from vaginaldouching on the day of thetest.This test is done by appointment.

17- Stool Culture: Refrain from antibiotics for at least 48 hours before testing. Sample must be delivered to the lab within 1 hour. Samples received in Pampers are not acceptable. Samples contaminated with water, soap, tissue or paperwill be rejected.

18- Invisible blood in stool (Occult blood): 48 hours before the testing, patient must refrain from consuming meat, liver,horseradish,turnips, medication for rheumatism, any medication containing Aspirin, Vitamin C, Cortisone or iron as well as any laxatives.

19- Asthma & Epileptic Drugs: Medication must be taken regularly for 5 days at least, provided there is no vomiting or diarrhea for 48 hours before testing. The blood sample must be taken immediately before the dose (trough sample) and the second (Peak sample) after several hours from the dose.

20- Iron: Fast for 6-8 hours. The blood sample must be takenin the morning after the end of the menstrual cycle and prior to the start of treatment with iron or blood transfusion.

21- Drugs of abuse: Urine is placed in a clean, dry container. The sample should be collectedin the lab under supervision, to prevent the patient from adding water or any interfering substance to the urine and or switching his sample.