General Overview

Since inception Al Shams Laboratories have been recognised for hiring the best staff, implementing the latest cutting edge technologies in laboratory diagnosis and using the best IT & ERP software in the industry.

We provide a broad menu of 2000 routine and specialised tests that help predict, diagnose and monitor disease. These tests cover basic Chemistry, Haematology, Immunology, Endocrinology,Microbiology... as well as highly specialised tests for prenatal & neonatal screening and on to the more complex molecular tests for hepatitis by (PCR) and disputed paternity by (DNA).....

At Al Shams Labs, we offer all our services daily, onsite through our extended network of branches, offsite through our house call service and online through our unique IT network & ERP software.

We are well staffed with experienced Professors, Specialists and lab technologists to cover all the fields of Laboratory Medicine. All our staff participate in "Al Shams continuous education and training program" to catch up with the latest developments in medicine and management. We only use fully validated equipment and reagents that are state-of-the-art, FDA certified to give you the most accurate and precise results possible.

Bar coding, Bidirectional interfacing & Autovalidation were introduced since inception to prevent human error when placing patient samples in equipment or clerical errors when printing patient results and to validate quality implementation for each patient’s results.

In striving to meet our goal as the premier provider of Laboratory services, Al Shams laboratories are committed to implementing a quality system that allows us to provide, consistent high-quality cost effective services, with an emphasis on excellence through continuous improvement.